Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's the real definiton of collecting?

If you have 14 or so minutes to stop and watch this video, I 
reccomend it.  Chri5784 from YouTube recently posted this about his friend Blade's Drew Stanton and Calvin Johnson PC. It is a killer PC, but I want to touch base on what collecting actually is. 

This video made me think, is this collecting? Obviously, "Blade" probably pulled a few of his PC items which is great, but he spent thousands and thousands of dollars on eBay to buy these cards. I never gave it much thought before, but I really don't think that this is what the hobby is all about. The hobby isn't about who has the best PC, it is the challenge/excitement of making a trade, or pulling a card out of a pack. I think this is why I admire Mario (Wax Heavan) so much. Sure he buys cards off eBay, everyone does! But, he takes the hobby for what it's worth and likes looking for his favorite player in packs and making trades. For instance, he could easily go out and buy every Jose Conseco card he wanted, and be a Jose Conseco "super collector". First off, I doubt he wants to spend all the money, but even if he had all the money I don't think he would buy all of his cards, because he realizes the whole purpose of the hobby is to collect. Not just buy all your cards on ebay.


  1. Its good to see someone enjoys their collection, but it made me think one thing: There are too many jerseys, autos, jerseys, and some more autos.

  2. See, I gotta disagree with you here. I think that point of collecting and the hobby is making the most with what you got. If you have stuff to trade, then trade for sure, but if you only collect one guy or team, do what you gotta do to get those cards. If you buy all of them off eBay, I would say that you are no less of a collector than anyone else. Means are by no intention a way to justify an end, in most cases in this hobby.

  3. What would cards be now days without autos and jerseys they over produce star cards. I have collected sports cards for a number of years, finally I decided to open a hometown store front which is going quite well.
    recently I have opened a online store with more product being updated daily but frankly getting the traffic online is
    a nightmare!