Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bustin Some Wax

Today, I decided to card shop to pick up some packs, because I haven't seemed to pick up anything in a while. I ended up spending $42.35, which I wasn't happy about because I only bought 6 packs. 

2008 Bowman - 3  for 3.69 each
2008 Gridiron Gear - 2 for 7.69 each
2008 Leaf Limited - 1 for 12.49 (Rape much?)

I honestly thought I wouldn't get anything, but boy was I wrong..

Lets start with 2008 Bowman

I REALLY like the design this year. It's very sleek. But anyway.. notables are.

Brandon Flowers Chrome Rookie
Tony Romo Gold Parallel

Signs of the FUTURE: Sam Keller Autograph 

2008 Leaf Limited (Sucked)

Josh Morgan /999

2008 Gridiron Gear 

Marcus Henry Rookie /999


Oh wait theres this too...

Darren McFadden Player Timeline Jumbo Patch #d 07/25!!!

In my opinion one of the best Darren McFadden patches out there!

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  1. That is a nice patch, hopefully McFadden gets on track, sadly the only way that will happen is if the Raiders get an O-line to help him and Jamarcus out. My McFadden auto jersey is a single color square, not very impressive.